Wasp, Bee and Hornet Problems

Wasp Control
During the Summer months in the UK, apart from usually disappointing weather, the next common complaint is wasps. They can be noisy, most definitely annoying and can cause health hazards. The same problems arise no matter if it is bees, hornets or wasps...and these pests are everywhere in summer months, whether you are in your house, at work, in the park, on holiday - they don't care where you are, they just want to be a pest!

Just because you think you might have a wasp infestation, or a bee hive in your garden doesn't mean that you actually do on your property. These pests fly around remember and can come from anywhere. The first thing that we do when we visit you is to determine where and how the nest is affecting you. It might be in your roof, in your garden under shrubs, in a tree or in a neighbours property.

For more information regarding Wasp Nest Removal in the UK, see our dedicated wasp nest removal page.

Why use Complete?

We have been successfully fulfilling pest control contracts for both commercial customers and individuals for over 15 years and are committed to using humane pest control measures wherever possible. Where this is not possible, we use best practice guidelines with regard to the safe usage of rodenticides and / or other toxic substances we use as part of our pest control regime.

We are accredited members of both the British Pest Control Association and the National Pest Technicians Association, so you can be assured of a high level of service from Complete Pest Control.

For more information regarding Pest Control in the UK, see our other main Pest Control website.

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