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Deodorising Services

Deodorising and controlling Odour

Complete Environmental Services offer a deodorising service to companies and individuals. If you have had a sewage leak, or flood or water damage then you might not have a problem just now, but you will do if you don’t have it treated. The bacteria and spores will release a mixture of chemicals which will leave a pungent odour. If this is left untreated, it will not simply go away and will get worse over time. Our professional odour removal & deodorising service will eradicate the noxious smells from your home or business quickly and effectively.

These bad smells are bad enough, but if you are a business owner the bad odour could lose you business. We have the experience and training to deodorise and sanitize your home or workplace, and we can also provide a fogging service to eliminate infection and bacteria.

Our deodorising and fogging services are provided (but are not limited to):-

Domestic Properties
Leisure Facilities
Health Centres
Shopping Centres
Care and Nursing Homes
Educational Establishments