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Mould Remediation

Controlling Mould in a Property

Complete Environmental Services offer a mould remediation service to customers. Black mould is a huge problem in the UK and can cause all sorts of problems. Health issues are on the increase due to mould in the home and workplace and can’t be left untreated, as it will grow and get worse. Mould should be taken seriously and in the case of a major outbreak dealt with by a professional company

Mould is very common in homes and buildings as it grows wherever there is moisture. Mould spores carry themselves in the air and attach themselves to anything like clothing, shoes, bags and even pets – making it easy to carry inside the home.

Mould spores are dangerous especially to young children and the elderly. Recent research shows that health issues due to mould are on the increase, and the effects are more damaging than previously reported in decades gone by.

In damp and mouldy houses, people are more likely to suffer from rhinitis, nasal congestion, coughs, wheezing and sore throats. Mould exposure is associated with being more susceptible to colds, lower respiratory tract infections and irritation of skin and eyes, fever and headache. In severe cases, exposure can cause death. Lawsuits are on the increase for health issues related to mould in the workplace, and in homes so it has to be dealt with effectively and quickly.