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Extreme Cleaning

Extreme Cleaning

Complete Environmental Services offer an Extreme Cleaning service to individuals and commercial customers all over the UK. Extreme cleaning, is specialist cleaning services that require highly trained individuals to tackle cleaning in the most challenging situations. Specialist cleaning materials and equipment that adhere to Government Regulations are required to cover a lot of cleaning services in the UK such as the removal and disposal of biohazard material.

Drugs and Needle removal is a growing problem in the UK and is becoming more of an issue than before in public areas. Hoarder cleaning and unattended property cleaning requires extreme cleaning specialists because what is underneath the clutter is unknown, there could be needles, bodily fluids, blood or pests such as rats and mice.

Our Extreme cleaning services include (but are not limited to):-

Needlestick Pickup
Hoarder Cleaning
Bird Guano
Gross Filth
Flood and Sewage Spills
Blood and Body Fluid Cleanup

Extreme Cleanup is a potentially hazardous situation and as such it is imperative that whatever the incident, it is treated as such. This involves the use of highly trained extreme cleanup personnel, utilising the correct equipment and carrying out decontamination, removal & disposal in accordance with all legal requirements and our own internal risk assessment procedures and trauma cleanup guidelines.